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Best Arcane weapons in Elden Ring

We could also call this the best bleed weapons list in Elden Ring.

Character screenshot from Elden Ring wielding Eleonora's Poleblade
Image credit: FromSoftware/Eurogamer

If you prefer defeating enemies by taking advantage of certain detrimental effects, using the best Arcane weapons in Elden Ring becomes crucial.

In Elden Ring, by investing most of your points on a specific stat, your character not only has some features increased, such as resistance, health, mana, and stamina, but they also become able to use weapons of a particular type. Focusing on fewer stats is the best strategy to make a strong character in the game.

In this guide, you find the best Arcane weapons in Elden Ring, and where to find them for builds based on this stat.

Best Arcane weapons in Elden Ring

The Lands Between holds a variety of great Arcane weapons of different types. There are powerful katanas, deadly spears, and fantastic twinblades that are all great options. In order to find the best ones in the game, we’ve considered another aspect beyond their damage potential to include them in this list.

We have analyzed how easy it is to play with said weapons. Seasoned players are probably already familiar with their favourite weapons, making this list more useful to those who are starting their journey in Elden Ring. Finding the right weapon that mixes raw power and the possibility of simply spamming its skill is the recipe for success in the game.

Character screenshot from Elden Ring with the Reduvia dagger
Image credit: FromSoftware/Eurogamer


Reduvia stands out not only because of the damage it can cause by triggering blood loss. It’s also a versatile weapon with a useful skill that allows mid-range combat. You earn it after defeating Bloody Finger Nerijus who you inevitably find during Bloody Finger Yura’s questline. This dagger requires 5 Strength, 13 Dexterity, and 13 Arcane, and scales based more on Arcane and Dexterity. Reduvia can also cause Bleeding buildup with Light and Heavy attacks.

It’s Reduvia’s skill Reduvia Blood Blade that makes it one of the best Arcane weapons in the game. When used, you shoot a projectile that causes Physical damage and inflicts Bleeding buildup. Because you can use this ability to stay distant from enemies, it’s easier to stay safe and avoid getting hit by their attacks. You might want to use this weapon with a build based on Arcane and Dexterity, which forces you to wear light armour sets and have lower damage resistance. By allowing you to kite enemies, Reduvia improves your chances of surviving while being extremely effective.

Marais Executioner’s Sword

If you want a more aggressive weapon than Reduvia, Marais Executioner’s Sword is a great option for you. This greatsword is meant for builds more focused on Strength and Arcane, since it requires Strength 24, Dexterity 14, and Arcane 23. To get your hands on this one, you need to first defeat Elemer of the Briar, a human optional boss that you find in The Shaded Castle in Altus Plateau.

Marais Executioner’s Sword is a great Arcane weapon because of its skill Eochaid’s Dancing Blade, which shoots the sword forward damaging enemies while the blade spins in the air. You can charge it to deal more damage. The idea when using this weapon is to find a good window, like after a boss finishes a move set, and use the skill. A simple but effective tactic that can carry you throughout the game.

Character screenshot from Elden Ring showing Marais Executioner's Sword
Image credit: FromSoftware/Eurogamer

Eleonora’s Poleblade

Twinblades are stylish weapons that allow you to unleash sequences of attacks at enemies and trigger effects extremely fast. Eleonora’s Poleblade is one of the best and you can start using it by having Strength 12, Dexterity 21, and Arcane 19. Eleonora’s Poleblade scales with Arcane and Dexterity, so it’s another great weapon for a more fast-paced playstyle. You acquire this weapon after defeating Eleonora, Violet Bloody Finger, an invading enemy who you find at the Second Church of Marika.

There are two reasons for this weapon to be part of this list. First, it has a great skill called Bloodblade Dance. Using it unleashes a flurry of attacks capable of massive damage. While performing the skill, your character moves a lot, making it hard for enemies to hit you when using Bloodblade Dance. Now, the second reason is because of Eleonora’s Poleblade’s passive ability that inflicts blood loss buildup that is triggered quicker than when you use regular weapons because of this weapon’s capacity to hit enemies multiple times. The combination of Bloodblade Dance and blood loss makes this weapon a powerhouse.

Rivers of Blood

In Elden Ring, you can find a great number of strong katanas, each with its own specificity. But none has established itself as well as Rivers of Blood. Even after nerfs, this weapon is an amazing katana. It scales with Arcane, Dexterity, and Strength – mostly with the first two! – and requires Strength 12, Dexterity 18, and Arcane 20 for you to use it. With the capacity to inflict Bleeding buildup, Rivers of Blood is capable of depleting enemies’ health bars quite fast. To get this katana, you need to defeat Bloody Finger Okina, an invading NPC who you find at the Church of Repose in the Mountaintops of the Giants.

To make this weapon even better, it comes with the Corpse Piler skill, which is a double-slash attack – you can perform follow-up attacks by pressing the command consecutively – imbued with blood. The range of your attacks gets longer and each hit causes Physical and Fire damage, which is effective against most bosses in the game. Because Fire – as well as blood loss – damage scales with Arcane, Rivers of Blood makes you unstoppable.

Character screenshot from Elden Ring holding Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear
Image credit: FromSoftware/Eurogamer

Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear

Very few weapons in the game have the potential Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear has when it comes to raw damage against single or multiple enemies. It’s a great spear that you can only acquire after defeating Mohg, Lord of Fire – which you have to do if you’re planning on playing Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree. By exchanging his Remembrance of the Blood Lord at Roundtable Hold, you can choose to pick Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear. With it in hands, you still need 24 Strength, 14 Dexterity, and 27 Arcane. This weapon scales with these three stats but its damage is mostly affected by Strength and Arcane.

As you might have guessed by this time, Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear has a pretty good skill. Bloodboon Ritual is a three-hit AoE attack that deals Fire Damage and inflicts Bleeding buildup on enemies around you. You don’t have to perform all attacks to make this skill work in your favour. Only one hit is already capable of deleting a large chunk of a boss’s health bar. Bloodboon Ritual scales with Arcane and the weapon level, so all you need is to invest points in your primary stat and upgrade Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear to have one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

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