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Beloved Ouya-exclusive competitive brawler TowerFall coming to PC

UPDATE: Will contain an entire single-player campaign.

UPDATE: TowerFall creator Matt Thorson has outlined the updates he'll be adding to the enhanced PC port of his competitive brawler. The most notable of which is an entire single-player campaign.

"I'm already testing a bunch of new content for the Versus mode," Thorson said in an interview with ShackNews. "There's two new towers, some new powerups, archers, and variants, and a bunch of balance changes. I'm also planning a fully fleshed-out single player mode for players who don't have friends to play versus mode with. It's going to be a massive update."

Thorson also noted that he really wants to do a Mac and Linux version. "Tech-wise they look possible," he added.

Original Story: Ouya-exclusive 2D multiplayer brawler TowerFall is heading to PC, developer Matt Thorson announced on Twitter.

"I am working on TowerFall for PC. But it's going to take a couple months. There's going to be a ton of new content!" he wrote.

When asked about the price, he said, "Probably $15. Maybe $20 if the new content justifies it."

TowerFall was met with critically acclaim upon its launch last month on Ouya. Some critics even called it a "killer app" or "system seller." Its current Ouya build goes for $15 and allows for DualShock 3 support.

This expansion to the PC market will be good for Thorson and TowerFall, but bad for Ouya, which is desperately struggling to find more exclusive games.

Witness TowerFall's simple, yet addictive gameplay in the trailer below.

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