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Towerfall sold best on PS4 and grossed $500K overall

Shifted roughly 7K copies on Ouya.

Towerfall developer Matt Thorson has revealed to Eurogamer that his retro archery-based competitive multiplayer spectacular has been more successful on PS4 than its PC brethren on Steam.

"It's actually doing better on PS4, but it's still doing well on PC," he said in an interview over Skype. "It's doing definitely well enough for me to support myself for quite awhile. That's really encouraging."

He further noted that the game had grossed $500K in sales across all platforms.

Thorson attributed part of Towerfall's PS4 success on the fact that consoles are generally in people's living rooms, hooked up to their TVs by default, whereas PCs are less frequently set up to entertain groups. "I think it's just a console game, ya know?" he said of Towerfall. "People have controllers - it's not confusing to get the controllers like it is for PC - and people have it in their living rooms already. I think a lot of people still sit down with their friends when they play their consoles, whereas they don't do that on PC. Even if it's a single-player game. I know me and my friends will sit down and one of us will be playing a game while everyone else is just hanging out."

"Another reason it's done so well on PS4 is support from Sony." He added. "They've featured and promoted it really well."

When asked about the original Ouya version of Towerfall, Thorson estimated that it had sold about 7000 copies on the Android console. "Being the best game on Ouya isn't a huge deal, but it is nice. It still sells on there."

Eurogamer contributor Joe Denton adored Towerfall upon its PS4 and PC release last month where it featured some new content and the added "Ascension" subtitle. "This is the type of game that creates memories and dissolves friendships, soundtracked by the pained swears of the defeated and the uproarious cheers of the victors," he wrote in his Towerfall: Ascension review.

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[Editor's Note: We mistakenly reported that Towerfall had sold 500K copies, when in fact it had grossed $500K in sales. We've since amended the article and apologise for the error.]

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