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Towerfall Ascension is coming to PS4

UPDATE: Dated for March on PS4 and Steam.

UPDATE 21/02/2014: Towerfall developer Matt Thorson has announced that the enhanced version of his multiplayer arena-brawling hit, Towerfall Ascension, will arrive on PS4 and Steam on 11th March.

Previously Towerfall had been an Ouya exclusive, where it received rave reviews. Think of it like Samurai Gunn with bow-and-arrows instead of guns and swords. It's an easy to grasp, difficult to master local multiplayer hit that's sure to reach a new audience on these new platforms.

ORIGINAL STORY 15/11/2013: Once Ouya-exclusive 2D competitive multiplayer platformer Towerfall is heading to PS4 as Towerfall Ascension.

Announced at Sony's PS4 launch event, this latest version of Towerfall will feature 50 new levels.

Towerfall creator Matt Thorson added on Twitter that "Ascension will also come to Ouya three months later, as a free update."

Towerfall is also heading to PC on Steam, due around January.

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