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Behemoth's next game due in 2010

Looks like a multiplayer platformer.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The Behemoth, developer of cartoon shooter Alien Hominid and Xbox Live Arcade's biggest game of 2008 Castle Crashers, has announced that its next effort will be released in 2010.

The studio's third game doesn't have a title yet and isn't confirmed for any platforms in particular, but it does have a fantastic teaser trailer which site admin Dan has presumptuously filed under Xbox 360. Naughty Dan. Castle Crashers was a 360 exclusive, but Alien Hominid came out on just about everything.

The trailer shows a 2D platform game in The Behemoth's distinctive graphical style, with what appears to be two-player co-operative gameplay. There also seem to be more competitive elements (football, highlighting areas in one character's colour), and an awful lot of fighting.

There's a huge variety of player characters on display, and a prominent clock countdown in many levels too. Also, lots of smash-cuts to little men crying about a giant green jewel.

That's all we know - apart from the fact that it looks brilliant fun. Check out the Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid gamepages for more Behemoth love.

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