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Behaviour launches first Dead by Daylight comic book

A terrifying tome.

Behaviour is launching its first Dead by Daylight comic book.

The first issue, set for release in March 2023, will focus on the Killers The Legion who comprise "a close-knit group of four troubled teenagers" and explores "The Legion's relationship as they navigate the darkness within themselves and the world around them".

The comic has been written by Harvey Award winner Nadia Shammas (Squire, Where Black Stars Rise), with art by Dillon Snook (Bluefall).

Cover image for YouTube videoDead by Daylight | Haunted by Daylight Reveal Trailer
Dead by Daylight | Haunted by Daylight Reveal Trailer

"Comic books hold a special place in my heart as with many people on the team. What an awesome time for Dead by Daylight, appearing in this format for the first time. The Legion is quite an interesting set of characters. They are great to dig into since they embody the very universal themes of teen angst, rage and revenge," says Mathieu Côté, head of partnerships for Behaviour Interactive.

"Seeing our stories and characters coming to life on the page is a wonderful feeling and we hope our fans will appreciate it as much as we do. Stay tuned!"

Behaviour is branching out with Dead by Daylight, with the release of its dating sim Hooked On You in the summer and a board game on the way too.

Remember too that the asynchronous horror multiplayer game is free to play this Halloween weekend.