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You can play Dead by Daylight for free this Halloween

Plus more spooky collectibles.

As part of its Halloween season, Dead by Daylight will be free to play for the last weekend in October.

That's from 27th October to 1st November, but there's more happening in the horror game all month in its Haunted by Daylight season, including outfits and a new tome.

That tome is called Malevolence and will include memories for Killer Ghost Face and Survivor Mikaela Reid.

Dead by Daylight | Haunted by Daylight Reveal Trailer

The thirteenth Tome will be available from 12th October, with a story that revolves around a local cartoonist parodying Ghost Face in the local papers. Rewards will include exclusive mask variations for the Killer.

Before that, on 11th October, the Tricks and Treats costume collection will be available, as well as new additions to the Hallowed Blight collection - including a new costume for Wesker (The Mastermind).

On 13th October, a new in-game event will begin. Players can complete objectives to acquire void energy to be deposited in unstable rifts around the maps. Rewards will include skeletal shirts for Survivors and sweet-themed costumes for Killers.

There will also be a new event Tome, where players complete personal and community challenges for rewards like new charms and a swamp creature outfit for The Hag.

For information on new Mori and perk updates, check out the latest developer update blog.

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Dead by Daylight

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