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Battlefield creative director Lars Gustavsson leaving DICE after 22 years

As EA details future of series.

Lars Gustavsson, creative director on the Battlefield series, is leaving its developer DICE after more than 20 years at the studio.

News of Gustavsson's departure from Battlefield, DICE, and indeed EA as a whole, was announced by Battlefield general manager Byron Beede in a blog post detailing the future of the long-running first-person shooter series.

"Lars Gustavsson, who has been with the franchise since the beginning and is affectionately known as Mr Battlefield, has decided he is ready for a new adventure," Beede wrote. "Lars has dedicated a substantial portion of his life to Battlefield and is proud to have helped shape the franchise into what it is today. He is excited to pass the baton to the next generation of Battlefield creators at DICE, Ripple Effect, Industrial Toys, and Ridgeline Games."

Battlefield 2042 - Season 2: Master of Arms Gameplay Trailer.Watch on YouTube

With Gustavsson's departure, Beede says the new Battlefield leadership team will consist of Battlefield franchise boss Vince Zampella, Rebecka Coutaz at DICE, Christrian Grass at Ripple Effect Studios, and Alex Seropian at Industrial Toys as EA begins "coordinating multiple build a connected Battlefield universe" and "[unlock the series'] potential as one of the best first-person shooter franchises in the world."

Those plans also include Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto's new EA studio, now named Ridgeline Games. Reiterating details announced last year, Beede said Lehto and his team will be "leading the charge to develop a narrative campaign set in the Battlefield universe that will engage fans in new and exciting ways while remaining true to the classic elements of the series."

As for EA's Ripple Effect studio, the developer formerly known as DICE LA, Beede says it's currently "focused on creating an entirely new Battlefield experience that will complement and build upon the series’ foundations."

"The next generation of Battlefield creators is a global team of talented, hungry individuals dedicated to taking the series to new heights," Beede concluded. "This team includes veterans who have worked on the series for years as well as new talent from the industry, all of whom bring years of experience working across incredible titles to the Battlefield universe."

Today's update arrives several weeks after the launch of the beleaguered Battlefield 2042's generally well-received season two. EA DICE general manager Rebecka Coutaz discussed that game's weak reception, and her thoughts on the series' future, with Eurogamer earlier this year.

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