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Baldur's Gate 3 Finish the Masterwork Weapon walkthrough and Sussur Bark location

How to forge a powerful new weapon.

Lae'zel in shiny silver armour holding and staring at a greatsword with a blue hue coating the entire picture.
Image credit: Eurogamer/Larian Studios

Finish the Masterwork Weapon is a side quest obtained during Act 1 of Baldur's Gate 3 that requires you to find Sussur Bark to craft an improved greatsword, sickle, or dagger.

Depending on how far you are in the story, and what route you choose to travel on, you might not encounter the Underdark area with the Sussur Bark naturally in your Baldur's Gate 3 playthrough at all, making this a tricky side quest to finish for some.

To help you in your quest we've got a short Masterwork Weapon walkthrough below, which includes the Sussur Bark location and how to finish the Masterwork Weapon once you find the bark.

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How to start Finish the Masterwork Weapon in Baldur's Gate 3

To start the Finish the Masterwork Weapon side quest in Baldur's Gate 3 you have to find the blacksmith's furnace in the Blighted Village, and open the wooden chest near it to pick up Highcliff's Blueprints.

There are two ways you can enter the blacksmith's forge area:

  • Lockpicking the shabby wooden doors under a Goblin in Blighted Village
  • Go down the well in Blighted Village and destroy the cracked wall

Lockpicking the shabby wooden doors is the easiest and quickest way to get into the blacksmith's forge, but if you're out of lockpicks then travelling down the well will get you there soon enough.

The shabby wooden doors are located underneath a goblin standing inside a gap in the house directly to the right when entering the village from the east. If you're not a Class proficient in lockpicking, then we recommend bringing Astarion along to pick the lock. Quicksave before doing so if you want to ensure you roll a high enough number.

Cursor hovered over a double wooden doors under a Goblin standing in a gap of a dilapidated house.
Map image showing the location of shabby wooden doors in blighted village.
Image credit: Eurogamer/Larian Studios

If you don't have any lockpicks go to the well in the middle of the village and travel down it. You'll be in a cave that contains lots of spiders and spider webs, but you can avoid the spider enemies easily enough on your way to the forge.

Cursor on a well in a run-down village area.
Map location showing a well in the blighted village,
Image credit: Eurogamer/Larian Studios

Head deeper into the cave until you spot the first group of spiders a bit further on from a corpse containing a journal. Take the right-hand path where this corpse is and go up the large spiderweb bridge. You can get trapped in this spiderweb though, so quicksave before doing so if you want to reload should a character get trapped.

Damage the cracked wall until it breaks to enter the blacksmith's forge.

A drow character attacking a cracked wall in a dark cave area.
Image credit: Eurogamer/Larian Studios

Regardless of which way you entered from, open the wooden chest near a ladder found opposite the blacksmith's forge - but be careful! It's armed with a trap, so if you don't want to hurt your party, ungroup by pressing 'G' and then send a character forward who can disarm the trap.

Or, if you can't disarm it, ungroup and send the character with the highest health forward to take the damage for the party.

Cursor on a wooden chest in a dark shabby area with wooden beams.
Image credit: Eurogamer/Larian Studios

You can now pick up Highcliff's Blueprints from the chest to start the 'Finish the Masterwork Weapon' side quest.

Small loot menu with the cursor on a note caleed highcliff's blueprints.
Image credit: Eurogamer/Larian Studios

If you want some extra loot before you go searching for Sussur Bark, then we recommend going up the ladder beside the chest and using a lockpick on the wooden chest to the left. If the ladder was destroyed during the trap explosion, you can drag and drop boxes around the room to stack them, then jump off this stack of boxes to the platform containing the locked chest.

A white line and circle showing the potential jump path on a character standing on a stack of wooden boxes in a dark shabby area.
Image credit: Eurogamer/Larian Studios

This locked chest contains:

  • Steelforged Sword (Uncommon Shortsword)
  • Blacksmith's Notes
  • x1 Infernal Iron

Once the place is appropriately looted to your satisfaction, it's time to get some Sussur Bark for the forge.

Baldur's Gate 3 Sussur Bark location

Sussur Bark is located in the Sussur Tree area of the Underdark, which is just north of the Underdark - Beach area that you can access by travelling west of Underdark - Selunite Outpost.

Map image showing the location of sussur bark.
Image credit: Eurogamer/Larian Studios

You can get to the Selunite Outpost in the Underdark through the Defiled Temple, which is located through the back door in the room the Goblin Priestess takes you to if you ask for her help at the Goblin Camp. You then have to solve a puzzle on the floor at the back of the Defiled Temple to access the entrance to the Selunite Outpost area.

If you're yet to solve it, here's an image showing the Defiled Temple puzzle solution:

Cropped image showing the correct tile roation order of a puzzle in a dark temple area with lit torches and candles.
Image credit: Eurogamer/Larian Studios

It takes a bit of fighting and exploration to get to the Sussur Tree area in the northwest, but you have to go through this way anyway to continue with the story if you don't travel the Mountain Pass route.

When you're on your way north of the Beach area in the Underdark, we recommend not killing the Bulete creature that burrows underground, as it actually helps you fight enemies close to the Sussur Tree.

Instead, to avoid its view, try jumping into areas the Bulette doesn't have a line of sight on. Hold down shift while in turn-based mode to see the creature's line of sight highlighted in red.

White line and circle showing the jumping path of a character in a dark cave, with red showing an enemy's sight line to the left.
Image credit: Eurogamer/Larian Studios

Past the Bulette, be prepared for a fight against multiple Hook Horrors and Filro the Forgotten. We don't know of a way to avoid fighting Filro unfortunately, as he opened fire at us at the start of the battle against the Hook Horrors.

Be careful during this fight, as if you damage the Sussur Bark item on the tree, it could get damaged and make the Masterwork Weapon quest impossible to complete. We recommend physical fighting against the Hook Horror at the top of the tree instead of casting spells or throwing potions, so you can avoid unintentional damage to the bark.

Once the fight is over, you can finally pick up the Sussur Bark from the top of the tree, accessed by climbing the knotted roots.

Cursor on the sussur bark part of the sussur tree in an area glowing blue.
Image credit: Eurogamer/Larian Studios

Head back to the blacksmith's forge in Blighted Village to start the process of making a Masterwork Weapon.

How to Finish the Masterwork Weapon in Baldur's Gate 3

At the blacksmith's forge in Blighted Village, you have to use the blacksmith's bellows beside the forge to start a fire, then add the Sussur Bark to the forge to finish the Masterwork Weapon in Baldur's Gate 3.

Menu screen showing combining sussur bark with the forge.
Image credit: Eurogamer/Larion Studios

Once the bark is added, the fire will turn blue and you now have to add either a sickle, dagger, or greatsword to get your improved weapon. We recommend picking a weapon you know you or one of your companions will make good use of.

A forge turned blue in a dark room.
Image credit: Eurogamer/Larion Studios

Keep in mind that you must add a common sickle, dagger, or greatsword, as if a weapon is already enchanted, it won't be valid for combining with the Sussur Bark in the forge.

Whatever weapon you choose, it will receive Weapon Enchantment +1. The lowest damage it causes when an attack lands is raised by one, and we received the 'Silences targets on hit' perk for choosing a greatsword, but your perk might differ.

That's it for the Masterwork Weapon side quest! For more help in your journey, check out our guides on Multiclassing and where to find all companions.

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