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As Guilty Gear Strive punches through 300k sold, dataminer unearths potential DLC characters list

Good timing.

Guilty Gear Strive has sold more than 300k copies since going on sale last week, developer Arc System Works has announced.

That includes shipments of physical copies and downloads, the developer said in a tweet.

A full online match, including lobby.Watch on YouTube

Strive got off to a great start on PC, and hit peak Steam concurrents of over 31,000 players, according to SteamDB.

That peak concurrents on Steam number is higher than that achieved by Street Fighter 5 and Tekken 7, although Arc System Works' own Dragon Ball FighterZ still holds the peak concurrents Steam record for a fighting game with 44,303.

"We are aware of the issues players are facing at the moment, and the team is currently addressing them," Arc System Works said in a note on Steam posted today.

"We will notify immediately when we can get a confirmation on these fixes as soon as possible, and we ask for your kind patience on this matter."

I imagine this relates to some network problems Strive continues to face, although the rollback netcode has performed well. I occasionally get booted back to Strive's annoying 2D retro lobby after an online match has failed to start, so hopefully the developer can sort that out.

The sales news comes after a dataminer unearthed what may be Strive's Season Pass 1 DLC characters list.

Twitter user @Lean_Buscaglia_ had a dig into Strive's files following its release on PC, and spotted a number of acronyms in the playable characters list that probably relate to upcoming DLC characters.


The suggested five DLC characters are Happy Chaos, Asuka (That Man), Goldlewis Dickinson, Jack-O' Valentine and Jam Kuradoberi. The video below, from YouTuber rooflemonger (who, by the way, has some great Guilty Gear Strive explainer videos on their channel), goes into more detail.

Watch on YouTube

Guilty Gear Strive's first newcomer is set for July. The first veteran and second DLC fighter is due out in August. The dates for the three remaining fighters for the Season Pass are currently unknown.

I'm still having a lot of fun with Guilty Gear Strive, and doing my best to climb the ranking tower. Check out my Guilty Gear Strive review for more.

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