Resident Evil 2 - Greenhouse explored, where to find Greenhouse Control Room code locations

How to safely explore the Greenhouse and find all Greenhouse Control Room codes.

Exploring the Greenhouse in Resident Evil 2 is the second part of the Laboratory section of the game.

The main objective is to find the various Greenhouse Control Room code locations - letting you delve a little further into the Lab's East Wing and upgrade your access a third time.

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How to reach the Greenhouse Control Room

Proceed into the Lobby proper, using the Typewriter and Item Box if needed. The south door is locked, and going east takes you to the Presentation Room. Look at the window to see a corpse with a USB stick in its hand - something we need to get our own hands on.


The computer at the lectern cannot be accessed with our security clearance, but remember it for later.

Head through the north-west room, and take it slow round the corner. Ahead is an ivy zombie, and through it moves the same as you'd expect, it requires a different strategy, with three orange points to shoot before it goes down. Use a Handgun if you're a sharp shot, otherwise the Flamethrower makes light work of these creatures.


Continue onward to the Greenhouse Control Room. Activate the console opposite for the Dispersal Cartridge, then go through the left door into the Greenhouse proper.


There are more ivy zombies in here - either ignore them, or use the Flamethrower to clear them out quickly and easily.

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Greenhouse Control Room code locations

Go left, then straight on, and left at the end (so the south-east dead-end) to see a hatch with a pattern on it.


You'll need to enter this in the console on the wall back in the Greenhouse Control Room, to open it up. Here's those symbols:


Once open, head down that shaft. Go left first, picking up the Research Lab East Area Map from the table.


Go right now, through the door, and south into the open Lounge. Get the Trophy from the central table, and investigate underneath in your inventory to get another code you can enter into the Greenhouse Control Room.


Go west down the corridor, and as you do, you'll be ambushed by Lickers, while the zombies in the Lounge rouse from their slumber. We recommend sprinting onto the door at the very end - take down down later when you have to visit again. There is another zombie in here, and one more than drops down when you go up the steps.

You'll return back to B1, to a stock room just south of the Lobby. Get the Somebody's Note File from the chair to the left, and get the Signal Modulator from the wall.


Return to the Lobby, save if you need to, then head back round to the Greenhouse Control Room. Insert the code into the console at the wall that was found at the bottom of the Trophy, which is as follows:


Doing so opens up a workshop (going out into the Greenhouse, turning left and left again), where you have to solve the Drug Testing Lab Dispersal Capsule puzzle.

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