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Business booming for THQ

No red ink for Red Faction publisher

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THQ have announced a sharp rise in profits for the three months to September 30th compared to the same period last year, despite the terrorist attacks last month. Revenue was up 28% to $68m, providing a 144% boost to the company's net income which reached $3.2m for the quarter. CEO Brian Farrell admitted that this "performance exceeded our expectations", putting it down to strong sales of PlayStation 2 titles MX 2002 and Red Faction, as well as the release of ten titles for the GameBoy Advance. Farrell expects this Christmas to be a bumper season for the company as well, with WWF Smackdown : Just Bring It due out on PlayStation 2, Monsters Inc on GameBoy Advance, and WWF Raw on Xbox in America. "Looking into next year, we expect to see an acceleration of the hardware adoption rate on the new platforms. We expect our recently announced agreements with Sega and Britney Spears to provide even more momentum going into what we believe will be a period of significant growth for our industry." Now all we need is for THQ to somehow combine the Britney Spears and WWF licenses, thereby appealing to trailer trash, latex fetishists and teeny boppers in one fell swoop... Related Feature - Red Faction review

Source - Business Wire

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