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Virgin gets into Guilty Gear

Signs up to distribute Guilty Gear X in Europe

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Sammy Entertainment have signed Virgin Interactive to distribute their latest beat 'em up Guilty Gear X in Europe. The game should be available from November 30th, and promises to be "the most explosive version in the series, making full use of the PlayStation 2's enhanced hardware capability". Quite how a 2D beat 'em up makes full use of the PlayStation 2 hardware we're not entirely sure, but fans of the series will no doubt be happy to hear that the game is on its way to our neck of the woods. "Guilty Gear X has already picked up glowing accolades in both the US and Japan, and we're confident it will be equally well received throughout Europe", said Virgin's Allison Grant. New features will include a revamped tension gauge, an instant kill move, and a roman candle move which allows players to create their own combos. None of which means anything to me... Related Feature - Guilty Gear X screenshots

Source - press release

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