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Testing Castle Wolfenstein

Multiplayer-only test version of new Wolfenstein game released

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Activision have released an unsupported multiplayer test version of their World War II themed first person shooter Return To Castle Wolfenstein. The multiplayer portion of the game, which is being developed seperately by Nerve Software, features the kind of goal-based gameplay seen in the likes of Team Fortress and Unreal Tournament's Assault mode, and indeed the sole map included in this test version sounds strangely familiar. In it you must storm the beaches of Normandy and battle your way past the Germans to capture important Axis documents and transmit them to your bosses using a radio.

No single player support or bots are included in the test version, and any user-made modifications are "expressly prohibited" by the End User License Agreement. As this is only a test release rather than a full demo, there is also a warning that "you may experience compatibility or performance issues". If you fancy taking your chances, you can grab the 63Mb file from any of the following sites -

download from Barrysworld (UK)

download from File Planet (USA)

download from GameSpot (USA)

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