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ClanLair gets branded by CPL

CPL hats, bags, shirts, dog tags, trading cards, temporary tattoos...

If having pasty white skin, greasy hair and a chronic caffeine addiction isn't enough to mark you as a gamer, now you can buy a range of Cyberathlete Professional League branded goods and look even sillier. Products on offer include everything from hats and t-shirts emblazoned with the pro-gaming organisation's funky logo through to CPL lapel pins and dog tags - no doubt handy if you pass out during a LAN party half buried by soggy pizza boxes and the paramedics need to identify you to contact your next of kin. Other goodies expected to follow will include temporary tattoos, player trading cards and gym bags.

If you feel the need, you can buy the CPL goodies at ClanLair's CPL store. ClanLair also offers a range of customisable clothing, tattoos, dog tags, flags and trading cards which you can have printed with your name or clan tags, although quite why you would want to be seen in public wearing shorts with your clan logo on them is beyond me...

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