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Ubi gets moderngroove

Dons parachute pants and slams some jivefunk? Wrong decade

International publishing machine Ubi Soft have secured a deal with moderngroove entertainment to publish the official Ministry of Sound video game, "moderngroove: Ministry of Sound Edition". The agreement allows Ubi Soft to distribute the PlayStation 2 game in the UK and throughout Europe, priced at £20. It is thought that the game will be sold not just from games retailers but also from music stores. moderngroove, the game, has been described by moderngroove, the company, as the ultimate party game for PlayStation 2, bringing "the sights and sounds of London's Ministry of Sound nightclub into living rooms around the world". There will be over five hours of Techno, UK Garage and Breakbeat music from top DJs, and lots of pretty visuals. You can either drop the disc in and groove along to the music as though it were a simple video, or you can stop and re-mix the various tracks and tunes. Good grief. It isn't really a game, then, but with the price at an acceptable level it should please a lot of fans of this sort of thing. Obviously your enjoyment of it will somewhat rely on the audio setup wired to your TV or PlayStation 2. moderngroove is expected to make further announcements shortly, about a North American and Japanese publisher. In Japan, a lot of nightclubs feature VJs, who perform enormous audio/visual sets very much like those being focused on here, so the market will be a lot more critical of the title than elsewhere, we suspect.

Source - press release

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