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Apple iOS 16 adds native support for Nintendo Switch Pro controller and Joy-Con

Phoning it in.

Apple's incoming iOS 16 operating system will natively support Nintendo's Switch Pro controller and Joy-Con.

Already in developer testing before a full public rollout this autumn, iOS 16 will allow you to use Nintendo's controllers to play games - or do anything else app makers might imagine.

The addition of Switch controller support follows the inclusion of support for both the PlayStation 5 DualSense and the Xbox Series X/S controllers last year, as part of iOS 14.5.

Cover image for YouTube videoMario Kart Tour - Mii Racing Suits Wave 1
Nintendo's Mario Kart Tour for smartphones.

Discussing the new addition, Apple engineer Nat Brown revealed a trick to pair the Joy-Con as a single controller or split them to use as two individual units: by simply holding the bottom face buttons (Capture and Home) for a few seconds.

Nintendo has not yet commented on the move - and there's no suggestion the Switch controllers will be incorporated into any of Nintendo's iPhone games.