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Another Elden Ring cut questline has been discovered, this time for Merchant Kalé

Whaddaya buyin', Tarnished?

Yet another cut questline from Elden Ring has been discovered, this time concerning Merchant Kalé.

Reliable data miner Sekiro Dubi has discovered the quest, which may have lasted from the game's beginning right up to the end.

After months of work, Sekiro Dubi has restored that questline. Ending spoilers follow.

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It begins with Merchant Kalé in the Church of Elleh. He’s the first merchant you meet in the game - the one in red, looking like Santa - and the only one to be properly named.

Extra dialogue exists for Kalé, giving more detail about The Great Caravan - once home to merchants and something Kalé has long been searching for.

After defeating Godrick at Stormveil Castle, Kalé would move on in this quest but leave behind messages hinting at his next resting place on his search for The Great Caravan.

Kalé would settle in Liurnia and Leyndell, with fetch quests to move the story on. Sekiro Dubi goes into some detail in the video on how they have reinstated these quests.

Eventually Kalé would discover the Subterranean Shunning Grounds beneath Leyndell, the location of the Three Fingers.

This area is filled with corpses in the final game, but this questline would insinuate it’s the final resting place of The Great Caravan. In retaliation, Kalé would - unsuccessfully - attempt to harness the power of the frenzied flame.

Choosing the frenzied flame is considered the "evil" ending to Elden Ring, but this questline would certainly have made the location of the Three Fingers more noticeable and added extra narrative detail.

This cut questline follows recent work by Sekiro Dubi in uncovering a quest for Vyke, the knight on the game cover.

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