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Anarchy Reigns, but not until 2012

Remain calm just a little longer.

Japan-based developer PlatinumGames has pushed back brawler Anarchy Reigns to 2012.

That date is specifically for its Japanese launch, reports Andriasang, although the delay will likely have a knock-on effect for the title's Western release. We've asked Sega for comment.

Launching outside of the usual year-end release melee may better suit Anarchy Reigns; it's an oddball title - an over-the-top beat 'em up with an outlandish cast of characters. Several recur from semi-prequel MadWorld, whose ultra-violence upset the Daily Mail and others when it was released on Wii.

Platinum was founded by several members of Capcom's Clover Studio, including Resident Evil mastermind Shinji Mikami. The studio was behind last year's Bayonetta and Vanquish.

Anarchy Reigns gameplay footage.