Anarchy Reigns


Anarchy Reigns Day One Edition includes Bayonetta as a playable character

UPDATE: Sega says it'll take up to 24 hours for shops to sell at £20.

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The violent revolution.

Japan Chart: Anarchy Reigns fails to reign

Vita sales plummet by nearly half.

Platinum calls on fans to support MIA Anarchy Reigns

Apologises, reveals Sega kept it in the dark on delay.

Anarchy Reigns gets new US/Euro release window

Sega has "re-evaluated" Platinum's M.I.A. brawler.

Anarchy Reigns delayed in the West, Platinum says

"That means to be confirmed, not to be cancelled."

Video | Anarchy Reigns gameplay footage

Bayonetta, Vanquish developer's bonkers brawler.

Anarchy Reigns delayed to July 2012

"It's something to do with scale."

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Platinum brawler's characters shown.

Video | Anarchy Reigns survival gameplay

Fast-paced fighting footage.

Sega goes big at Eurogamer Expo

Sonic! Binary Domain! Anarchy Reigns!

Video | Anarchy Reigns in fighting gameplay

Showcasing new fighter Durga.

Anarchy Reigns, but not until 2012

Remain calm just a little longer.

PlatinumGames better sticking to one IP?

"They are an excellent studio," says Sega.

Video | Nikolai Tesla in Anarchy Reigns trailer

Electric robot, not 19th Century scientist.

Platinum: "industry deeply saddens us"

Outlines new vision, Platinum Next.

Video | Anarchy Reigns Blacker Baron footage

Shows his "super sexy fists of fire".

Video | Anarchy Reigns trailer stars Mathilda

Another MadWorld alumnus joins the cast.

Feature | Anarchy Reigns

Anarchy in the UK.

Video | SEGA shows Anarchy Reigns gameplay

Sawing onto PS3, Xbox 360 this Autumn.

Video | First Anarchy Reigns gameplay trailer

Platinum Games shows off Sasha.

Bayonetta dev announces Max Anarchy

SEGA promises more information this week.