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Platinum calls on fans to support MIA Anarchy Reigns

Apologises, reveals Sega kept it in the dark on delay.

Japanese developer Platinum Games has called on fans to support the missing in action Anarchy Reigns after publisher Sega delayed the game on these shores.

Overnight Sega announced that Anarchy Reigns' European and US release had been delayed to the first quarter of 2013 after "re-evaluating" the game. It had been due out this summer.

In a series of tweets, Platinum chief Atsushi Inaba accused Sega of keeping Platinum in the dark over the release of the game, and revealed it had no idea it was going to be delayed to next year.

"First of all, we are done with all international versions of Anarchy Reigns," he said. "The delay is not due to further development on the game.

"Also, even though the release dates will be different, the content of both the Japanese and Western versions will be 100 per cent the same.

"Today's Q1 2013 release news was the first we'd heard of it. Even if we wanted to, we can't comment as we're (still) in the dark officially.

"There's some concern that this will push back the Japanese release date. It will not. The game will be released in Japan on 5th July, 2012.

"Finally, I want to sincerely apologise to all the fans worldwide for all the confusion this situation has caused.

"Even though we are the game's developers, we can only do so much about this…

"However, we hope you can continue to support Anarchy Reigns and look forward to playing it with us in the future. Thank you."

Anarchy Reigns' Western release had been feared cancelled after Sega switched its release date to TBC and decided not to show it at E3 this month.

Following a disappointing set of financials, Sega has been restructuring its Western business to focus on key IPs. Many commentators speculated that Anarchy Reigns might have been lost in the shuffle.