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American Truck Simulator shares soothing 20-minute tour of upcoming Wyoming expansion

Release date news coming "very soon".

American Truck Simulator players eager to hit the road in search of new horizons can now get a 20-minute taste of the superb sim's upcoming Wyoming expansion in a new gameplay video.

Wyoming will be the eighth world-expanding DLC to release for American Truck Simulator since its launch back in 2016 (following on from Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Idaho, and last year's Colorado), bringing its state count up to a total of ten once the base game's California and Nebraska are factored in - meaning SCS Software will officially be one fifth of the way through its recreation of the US on Wyoming's arrival.

"Wyoming may be one of the least populated states in the US," SCS explained previously, "but that doesn't mean that it lacks spectacular places to visit and see. Home to some of the country's most breathtaking national parks, Wyoming is best known for its red-walled gorges, hot springs, historic prairie towns, pioneer history, and historical attractions."

American Truck Simulator: Wyoming DLC - Gameplay Video.Watch on YouTube

You can get a taste of its striking scenery - from picturesque towns and crystalline lakes to thick forest vistas and snow-capped mountain peaks - in the wonderfully relaxing 20-minute gameplay video SCS has now shared in the run-up to release. And if you're eager for more information, you can see the expansion's key locations in its newly revealed map below.

American Truck Simulator's Wyoming map (from afar).

Wyoming is one of two American Truck Simulator expansions currently confirmed to be in the works at SCS. The second, Texas, was announced earlier this year but may still be some way off. "Being one of the largest US states," SCS explained at the time of its reveal, "it will bring its own challenges during the various stages of production. Whilst we know many of you are very excited about this HUGE addition to American Truck Simulator, we cannot commit to a release date that is within the year."

Wyoming, though, sounds like it's considerably closer, with SCS telling fans the hype train is poised "to pull into its final station". Expect a release date announcement "really soon".

And if you've yet to experience American Truck Simulator's wonderfully soothing rhythms, now's a fantastic time to get involved. Not only is Wyoming seemingly almost upon us, SCS recently launched the sim's official multiplayer update, meaning up to eight players can now haul cross-country together online, taking in the sights and completing contracts in happy trucking union. It is, as my recently renewed American Truck Simulator obsession can attest, a fantastically relaxing way to unwind with long-distance pals.

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