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American Truck Simulator's Oklahoma expansion arrives tomorrow

Alongside new limited-time community event.

American Truck Simulator has almost reached its latest destination, with developer SCS Software confirming the game's Oklahoma expansion will arrive tomorrow, 1st August.

Since launching back in 2016, American Truck Simulator's digital reimagining of the US - with its miles of winding road and endless sweeping vistas - has been steadily expanded and refined through a mixture of free and paid updates. Oklahoma brings the game's total number of explorable states up to 13, joining California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and Texas.

SCS says "wonderful state parks, several natural marvels, and historical places full of mysteries and legends" await those that pick up American Truck Simulator's Oklahoma DLC, and its arrival will be accompanied by a new World of Trucks community event tasking players with communally amassing a total of 111m miles travelled while delivering cargoes - during jobs of at least 100 miles - to or from any of the 10 cities including in the expansion.

Oklahoma is American Truck Simulator's 12th explorable state.Watch on YouTube

Players that successfully deliver cargo to or from all Oklahoma's cities before the event ends on 1st October will recieve the Wild Stampede truck paint job, and all participants will get the hanging Black Swallowtail ornament if the community goal is reached by the same deadline.

Oklahoma's arrival follows the full release of American Truck Simulator's free 1.48 update last week, which aimed to further improve the game's Texas expansion map by introducing new landmarks, depots, and the equivalent of over 500 miles of road. Additionally, the update brought two new routes for American Truck Simulator's Special Transport DLC, a rework for vehicle transport trailers, plus a wealth of new quality of life improvements.

A truck emblazoned with the Wild Stampede paint job, featuring a group of illustrated horses stampeding head-on.
Players that complete their personal goal in SCS' latest World of Trucks community event get the Wild Stampede paint job. | Image credit: SCS Software

American Truck Simualator's Oklahoma DLC will likely cost £9.99/$11.99 USD when it launches on Steam tomorrow, 1st August. SCS has already confirmed the game will be trundling onward to Kansas for its next paid expansion.

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