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American Truck Simulator's next stop after Oklahoma is Kansas

SCS updates its road map.

Following its trundle into Texas at the end of last year, American Truck Simulator has set its sights on a new destination; the next stop on its tour of the US - following the release of its upcoming Oklahoma expansion - will be Kansas.

SCS Software confirmed Oklahoma would be American Truck Simulator's first post-Texas expansion back in November, but the developer has now added a new stop to the driving sim's itinerary, announcing work has begun on Kansas in a post on its website.

Kansas will be American Truck Simulator's 13th explorable state, joining California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Texas, and, of course, the upcoming Oklahoma expansion.

American Truck Simulator - Kansas Expansion Reveal Teaser.Watch on YouTube

"Once considered to be the country’s agricultural heartland," SCS explains on the Kansas expansion's Steam page, "'The Sunflower State' has managed to attract many large businesses and develop in other industrial areas due to its central location and convenient infrastructure for logistics operations. But, as the nickname suggests, nature is certainly doing very well to keep up with technological progress, as the state parks and vast prairies offer unique views with a marvelous atmosphere that will leave every trucker passing by with something to remember."

American Truck Simulator's Kansas expansion promises a tour of the state's "native grasslands, streams, abundant blue skies, and green grassland vistas" on its arrival - but there's no indication yet as to when that may be. Kansas likely won't be given a release date until after Oklahoma's launch, and SCS is yet to mark that in the calender either.

As for what comes after Kansas, all signs - given SCS' continued left-to-right, bottom-to-top march across the US - suggest it won't be too long until American Truck Simulator is ready to hit the road and start its journey toward Nebraska.

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