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After Oklahoma, American Truck Simulator sets its sight on Nebraska

But Kansas is first.

An early screenshot of American Truck Simulator's Nebraska expansion, showing vehicles on a bridge running over a dried up river.
Image credit: SCS Software

American Truck Simulator's Oklahoma expansion might only just have arrived, but the sim's ceaseless trundle across the United States continues on, with developer SCS Software confirming Nebraska is currently one of several future state expansions in development.

Nebraska will arrive sometime after the launch of American Truck Simulator's upcoming Kansas expansion, which was announced as the sim's next DLC, and its 14th explorable state, earlier this year. So far, since American Truck Simulator's arrival back in 2016, SCS has released digital reimaginings of California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Texas, and the recently launched Oklahoma.

Kansas is next, and, as detailed in a blog shared shortly after Oklahoma arrival, Nebraska - which continues American Truck Simulator's by now fairly predictable west to east, south to north expansion across the US - will eventually bring the number of playable states up to 15.

American Truck Simulator's Oklahoma DLC arrived at the end of July.Watch on YouTube

"Located in the heart of the Great Plains, Nebraska's vast and diverse landscape consists of prairies, rolling hills, and the crucial Platte River," SCS explains in its intro to the upcoming expansion. "While hauling cargo through the Cornhusker State along historic routes, you will have many opportunities to witness iconic landmarks and truly immerse yourself in the state's spirit, from its pioneer history to the modern energy of cities full of ever-growing industries."

SCS says its goal with the Nebraska expansion is to "offer a fusion of peaceful landscapes and the rhythm of a buzzing economy that's unlike any other". You can catch an early glimpse of its efforts in the work-in-progress screenshots accompanying its announcement, but the developer stresses the expansion is "still in a fairly early phase".

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