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American Truck Simulator is heading to Arkansas

After Kansas and Nebraska.

A work-in-progress screenshot from American Truck Simulator's Arkansas expansion showing a truck pulling into a Taco Kingdom diner at dusk
Image credit: SCS Software

American Truck Simulator trundles ever-onward, and developer SCS Software has now confirmed its next stop (after the already announced but not-yet-released stops of Kansas and Nebraska, that is) will be the state of Arkansas.

This marks something of an interesting (I realise your mileage may vary on this point) deviation for SCS, which has so far been making its way across the US map in a bottom-to-top, left-to-right fashion, starting with California. This latest news means once Kansas and Nebraska are released, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Louisiana will be missing from the expected progression.

Arkansas, the so-called Natural State (mine is "asleep"), will be American Truck Simulator's 16th state when it arrives at some currently undisclosed future point, and SCS Software's rendition promises everything from "stunning mountain vistas to towering forests".

American Truck Simulator's most recent expansion, Oklahoma, arrived in August.Watch on YouTube

"Located in the south-central region of the United States," the developer writes, "the state is a nature wonderland with three national forests, over 40 State Parks, nearly 9,000 miles of pristine streams and rivers like the Arkansas and Mississippi, as well as the ever-stretching Ozark and Quachita mountain ranges. While hauling cargo, you will be able to not only see these beautiful landscapes and areas, but travel through a variety of large and small towns and cities, where you'll find industries, landmarks and more."

SCS' announcement post features a decent selection of work-in-progress screenshots for its Arkansas expansion, which, if nothing else, has made me hungry for tacos.

American Truck Simulator's most recent paid expansion, which whisked digital drivers off to Oklahoma, arrived in August this year.

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