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American Truck Simulator's long-awaited Texas expansion out next week

And its big free 1.46 update is now live.

20 months after developer SCS announced American Truck Simulator was setting its sights on Texas as one of its next destinations, the long-in-the-works expansion finally has a release date and is coming to Steam next Tuesday, 15th November.

Texas will be American Truck Simulator's 11th explorable state, joining California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. It was confirmed to be in development last March, but SCS warned the expansion could be a long time coming given the sheer effort required to bring one of the US' largest states into the game.

However, with Texas' arrival now less than a week away, SCS has given us our best look yet at the expansion's numerous familiar sights - its newly released launch trailer featuring the likes of Austin, Houston, and a whole lot of countryside.

Cover image for YouTube videoAmerican Truck Simulator - Texas DLC Video Trailer
American Truck Simulator - Texas DLC Video Trailer.

Ahead of Texas' arrival, SCS has moved American Truck Simulator's big free 1.46 update out of open beta testing and made it available to all players.

This includes a new gallery features, serving as a management solution for images, discovered Viewpoints, and Photo Trophies - the latter being special landmarks that can be captured by following new map icons. And speaking of Viewpoints, those in Idaho have now been updated to add polish and bring them up to the quality of more recent additions.

There's also a new in-game company browser - making it easier for players to search for specific companies, cargo, and trailer types - as well as ownable chemical tankers, an expanded set of custom city intros, and the addition of driveshaft torque. Furthermore, owners of American Truck Simulator's Idaho and Montana expansions will now be able to travel the US-20, running between Idaho Falls and the settlement of West Yellowstone in Montana.