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Take a soothing 15-minute tour of American Truck Simulator's upcoming Oklahoma DLC

In new gameplay preview trailer.

It's almost time for American Truck Simulator to cross over a new state line as SCS Software readies its new Oklahoma expansion for release - and in the run-up to its arrival, the studio has shared a soothing 15-minute drive through its digital reimagining of the Sooner State.

Oklahoma will be American Truck Simulator's 13th explorable state when it makes its eventual debut - it joins California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and Texas - and promises a tour of "wonderful state parks, several natural marvels, and historical places full of mysteries and legends."

You can get a brief taste of the expansion's highways, byways, and sweeping vistas in SCS Software's newly released Oklahoma gameplay preview trailer below - which, as ever, is basically video game ASMR, so dim the lights, grab a pillow, and let your cares drift away amid the gentle murmur of digital wheels on digital tarmac.

A gentle trip though American Truck Simulator's upcoming Oklahoma expansion.Watch on YouTube

There's no release date for American Truck Simulator's Oklahoma DLC yet, but, historically, SCS only tends to release a gameplay preview when an expansion is a couple of weeks or so away.

In ATS other news, SCS has just released the game's 1.48 update into open beta. This is a biggie, adding the equivalent of over 500 miles to the previously released Texas expansion, including eight new roads, interstates, and highways, plus new landmarks and depots.

Texas gets a notable overhaul in American Truck Simulator's 1.48 update.

It also introduces custom city intros for American Truck Simulator's Washington DLC (and adds a new City Intros tab into the game's gallery so any unlocked intro can be rewatched on-demand at a later date), plus reworked vehicle transport trailers, per-state map exploration, and two new routes for ATS' Special Transport DLC.

Other notable projects on the horizon include phase three of SCS' ongoing rework of American Truck Simulator's original California state, plus another new expansion in the form of Kansas, which will arrive sometime after the launch of Oklahoma.

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