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American Truck Simulator gets official multiplayer support in latest experimental beta

Also heading to Euro Truck Simulator 2.

American Truck Simulator now has official - albeit experimental - multiplayer support, courtesy of developer SCS Software's latest open beta build, meaning digital truckers need truck the lonely trucking life no more.

Official multiplayer support, which SCS is calling Convoy for self-explanatory reasons, is available now as part of American Truck Simulator's experimental beta update 1.41, and will be making its way to Euro Truck Simulator 2 at a later date.

Once installed, this initial work-in-progress version of Convoy will enable players to set-up and host their own private multiplayer session for up to eight trucking pals. Everyone in a session will see synchronised time, weather, and AI traffic - as well as their trucking buddies' paint jobs and truck accessories - and can undertake the same contracts from the same companies, all heading to the same destination. In-game communication options, if you need them, include CB radio broadcast, quick replies, and text chat.

Cover image for YouTube videoAmerican Truck Simulator - Colorado DLC
American Truck Simulator - Colorado DLC.

SCS notes there's also an option to leave a Convoy and restore your previous save game state should something untoward happen while trucking with friends.

American and Euro Truck Simulator have, of course, both had unofficial multiplayer support for quite some time, thanks to the fan-made TruckersMP mod, but those eager to put SCS' official multiplayer solution through its paces can do so right now. Just head to the Betas tab under American Truck Simulator's Properties menu and enter the password XZo2orrgbG92XMQ.

Additional details regarding the experimental beta for update 1.41 - which will also introduce quick travel, new time and weather options for photo mode, and the first part of American Truck Simulator's California re-skin - can be found on the SCS Software forum.