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Adorable unused goomba designs discovered in Super Princess Peach data

Wasn't mushroom for them.

Goombas are traditionally grumpy little gits in the Super Mario world - though you would be if you were repeatedly stomped on.

Yet unused graphics found in the data of DS game Super Princess Peach reveal that, at some point in development, goombas were given different emotions.

As shared in a tweet from Supper Mario Broth, several unused goomba designs have been discovered.

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Those designs include Glad Goomba, Calm Goomba, Mad Goomba, Sad Goomba.

Really, that's just the four stages of ingesting Princess Peach's Mushroom Kingdom cake. Tag yourselves: I'm Sad Goomba.

Of course, the four emotions reflect Princess Peach's in-game emotion meter that affects her powers: joy, gloom, rage, and calm.

Perhaps, then, at some point Peach could inflict those emotions on her enemies?

At the least, these goomba designs are pretty adorable and the first time we've seen the critters with a smile.

We'll probably be seeing goomba in the forthcoming Super Mario film, though former Luigi actor John Leguizamo has slammed the film's "backwards" casting.