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A "new way to grab the Victory Royale is coming" to Fortnite and it looks like a ranked mode

"Will you rise through the ranks?"

Fortnite ranked mode
Image credit: Epic Games

Brace yourself, Fortnite fans, but it looks like ranked mode is on the way.

Epic Games stopped short of confirming it outright, of course, but instead dropped a mysterious tweet and a 20-second video teaser that declares that "a new way to grab the Victory Royale is coming", inviting you to "rise through the ranks".

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The real clue, however, is in that accompanying video; whilst short, it seems to take us through eight different ranks, seemingly starting at bronze and progressing through silver, gold and more until it goes all the way to… I don't know, super-duper-platinum or something.

Here, check it out below:

Beyond that, we don't have any firm details such as when - or even a definitive confirmation of if - the mode will launch but, as always, we'll keep you posted.

ICYMI, Fortnite has been named as a late addition to the International Olympic Committee's latest stab at esports.

Back in March, the IOC announced the Olympic Esports Series, a competition set to feature nine virtual sports, represented by a range of video games such as Just Dance and Gran Turismo. Today brings word that Fortnite will also now be included, as part of a 10th discipline: "sport shooting".

To celebrate, the whole thing will be part of a crossover in Fortnite, with a specially-designed island in Fortnite designed to promote the Olympics' Esports event.

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