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2DBoy's Gabler clarifies next project

Not just for WiiWare, not a 2DBoy game.

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2DBoy's Kyle Gabler has clarified yesterday's comments that his next game is for WiiWare - actually it's for "whatever platform it feels good on" and isn't even really a 2DBoy game. Take that.

"Three of us here in the experimental castle have decided to try and make an actual real game, maybe for Wii, or PC, or whatever platform it feels good on," Gabler wrote on his blog overnight. He told Eurogamer he was making the post to clear up confusion.

Although he confirmed that the game is based on one of his contributions to the excellent Experimental Gameplay Project, he said it would be best not to expand on which or why "in case the game doesn't evolve as we hope and we need to shoot that baby in the crib".

The new project is also not the next official 2DBoy game - it's just Gabler, Henry Hatsworth designer Kyle Gray, and World of Goo programmer Allan Blomquist having fun in their spare time.

So what's next for 2DBoy - Gabler and his other (development) half, Ron Carmel? "Ron and I have not yet announced the next thing for 2DBoy, as we are shy and afraid to announce prematurely against World of Goo-sized expectations, because we might have a Britney-sized meltdown," he explained.

"Our plan is to continue the trend of going shorter, more high-quality, with all the fat trimmed. Our hope is that a shorter, just a few-hours-long game where everything is high quality and extraordinary, will be more valuable for players than a 40-80 hour game with lots of filler. I suppose we’ll find out if other people feel the same way!"

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