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2DBoy's next game is WiiWare title

Derived from past experiments.

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World of Goo developer 2DBoy has said that its next full game is a WiiWare title also derived from its Experimental Gameplay Project output.

"The three of us are cooking up a new game for WiiWare, currently 'in the works'," Kyle Gabler told Nintendodpad (thanks Offworld).

"We haven't mentioned anything about it to anyone, but here's a clue - the new game from the three of us is based on one of the experimental games from our past."

The three of us, in this case, also includes one of Henry Hatsworth's designers, Kyle Gray, and World of Goo programmer Allan Blomquist.

The fact Gabler and company are heading back to their experimental roots should come as no surprise, given that the fabulous World of Goo (check out our fawning PC and WiiWare reviews) began life as Tower of Goo.

The Experimental Gameplay Project, founded by Gabler and Gray, sees a group of friendly developers do battle on a monthly basis, each spending up to seven days making a small game.

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