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Zynga has lost over $160 million in nine months

Yet revenue is up $141 million since last year.

We knew Zynga was in trouble after it cut five per cent of its full-time workforce yesterday and shuttered 13 games, and in its latest earnings report Zynga revealed that it's lost $52.7 million during Q3 and $160.9 million between 1st January and 30th September.

That being said, business revenue is actually up year-over-year with $316.6 million for Q3 over last year's $306.8 million. Looking at the nine month period it's grown $141.2 million with $970.1 million over last year's $828.9 million.

Zynga noted its layoff yesterday - which it approximates at around 150 employees - was part of a grander cost reduction plan to generate $15 to $20 million in pre-tax savings during Q4.

The publisher noted that FarmVille 2 and ChefVille are rated one and three on Facebook with the former having 61 million monthly active users with approximately 500,000 unique players, according to AppData.

When asked about iOS 6, Zynga CEO and founder Mark Pincus seemed optimistic about it. "They're reducing the amount of friction people have to access the App Store," he said.

Looking ahead, the publisher remained cagey on its future expectations. "We're not giving specific guidance on what our growth is going to look like in 2013," said Pincus during a financial call.