Zynga has lost over $160 million in nine months

Yet revenue is up $141 million since last year.

We knew Zynga was in trouble after it cut five per cent of its full-time workforce yesterday and shuttered 13 games, and in its latest earnings report Zynga revealed that it's lost $52.7 million during Q3 and $160.9 million between 1st January and 30th September.

Zynga sows Farmville sequel

Zynga sows Farmville sequel

Follow-up to Facebook behemoth takes root.

A sequel to monstrously successful Facebook game Farmville is on its way, developer Zynga has announced.

Mark Pincus, CEO of the social gaming ogre, took the wraps off the title at the company's Zynga Unleashed event in San Francisco earlier today.

Concrete details on exactly what it has planed for the follow-up were scarce, but it will be making the shift to full 3D.

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What is Indie?

DIY developers discuss what it means to go solo, and whether the label really matters.

Back in the early '90s, the definition of 'indie' music went under a transformation. What had started as a tag for any act that released music without the help of a major record label became a way of describing - and selling - a sound and a lifestyle. Once it was all about crudely recorded cassette tapes and direct, intimate fan interaction; today it's Coldplay, with all the corporate fixings.

Zynga buys up another bundle of game studios

Gamedoctors, Page 44, Astro Ape and HipLogic join the social collective.

Zynga quietly purchased four more companies in the latter months of 2011, the social giant has revealed in an interview with Reuters.

FarmVille movie in the works

Toy Story scribes to adapt Zynga cash cow?

A movie based on Zynga's social gaming behemoth FarmVille could be heading to the big screen, according to an IGN report.

Saturday Soapbox: The Scourge of Free to Play*

*A small cover charge may apply.

It was Oblivion's horse armour that set the alarm bells off for me. There was a mixture of amusement and incredulity, which quickly descended into horror as the numbers started rolling in. It was the beginning of a fragmentation from the boxed product you'd scurried away from the shops to greedily indulge yourself in, towards one where a breadcrumb trail of further expenditure lay between you and completion of an adventure.

Zynga: "Games should be free"

FarmVille dev reveals secrets of its success.

Zynga, the social gaming juggernaut responsible for FarmVille and its ilk, believes that games should be free to all.

Zynga announces GagaVille

Zynga announces GagaVille

Singer to farm unicorns, sheep on bikes.

FarmVille mastermind Zynga has revealed the next step in its quest for total global domination: GagaVille.

As detailed on VentureBeat, the tie-in will see a Lady Gaga-themed farm arrive in its phenomenally successful Facebook app from 17th May.

Gaga's farm will apparently showcase themes from her music which means crystals, unicorns and motorbike-riding sheep.

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Xbox Live Arcade "too small" for Farmville

Insufficient "social potential", says Zynga

Facebook resource management sim FarmVille is one of the world's most popular online video games. Xbox 360's Live set-up is is one of the world's most popular online video game networks. Surely then, putting the two together makes perfect sense? Not so, says the game's developer Zynga.