Feature | Farewell, FarmVille

Ellie Gibson says goodbye.

Zynga co-founder "pretty bored with all games"

Wants that Farmville buzz back again.

Anonymous threatens to burn Zynga on Guy Fawkes Night

Promises to release games and confidential docs.

Zynga has lost over $160 million in nine months

Yet revenue is up $141 million since last year.

EA finds no joy in Zynga's collapse, reckons social gaming was overhyped

"We always feel bad when people lose their jobs," EA's Peter Moore says.

Zynga lays off over a hundred during Apple's press conference earlier today - report

UPDATE: Five per cent of the full-time workforce laid off, 13 games shuttered, Boston studio closed, UK and Japan may follow.

Former EA exec John Schappert quits Zynga

Resignation nothing to do with any disagreement, Zynga insists.

Zynga sows Farmville sequel

Follow-up to Facebook behemoth takes root.

Feature | What is Indie?

DIY developers discuss what it means to go solo, and whether the label really matters.

Facebook IPO: $100bn self worth, and other interesting tidbits

FarmVille maker Zynga contributed $444 million last year.

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Gamedoctors, Page 44, Astro Ape and HipLogic join the social collective.

FarmVille movie in the works

Toy Story scribes to adapt Zynga cash cow?

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Facebook gaming bubble about to burst?

Zynga announces GagaVille

Singer to farm unicorns, sheep on bikes.

Xbox Live Arcade "too small" for Farmville

Insufficient "social potential", says Zynga