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FarmVille visits the English Countryside

We have "premium" soil.

All-conquering Facebook game FarmVille has launched an English Countryside level. For real.

It has plants and crops native to the UK, according to The Daily Telegraph.

So, expect foxgloves, redcurrants and King Edward potatoes. Our soil's "premium", so crops will grow quicker. The horror.

Then there are English cottages, traditional police call boxes and British animals, such as Shorthorn cows, Shire horses and Dorking chickens.

You travel with an English Duke back to his homeland where the village farms have fallen into disrepair, according to the report. It's your job to make them fruitful again.

Oh, and you can change your avatar's clothing so you look like an "English Lady" or a "Dashing Gent" don't you know. The level unlocks at level 20.

Last year Ellie fell in love with Farmville, and wrote about it in a series of diary entries.

More people play FarmVille than live on planet earth. Experts predict it will become self-aware next year and reveal the meaning of life a year later.