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Zoo Tycoon spiritual successor Planet Zoo out in November, gets new trailer

And there's a pre-launch beta coming too.

Frontier Developments has announced that its Planet Coaster follow-up - and Zoo Tycoon spiritual successor - Planet Zoo, will be heading to PC on 5th November.

Planet Zoo's (very attractive) park building and management action will unfold across a globe-spanning campaign mode, as well as a more open-ended sandbox mode for those that prefer to tinker without restraint, with a focus on creating the ultimate wildlife attraction, "where animal welfare and conservation comes first". And there's a taste of that in Planet Zoo's new in-game trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube videoPlanet Zoo | E3 In-Game Trailer

When Planet Zoo comes to Steam on 5th November, it'll be available in two versions. There's the standard edition, which costs £34.99/€44.99/$44.99 USD, and a Deluxe Edition, weighing in at £42.99/€54.99/$54.99 USD. The latter option includes three exclusive animals - the Komodo Dragon, Pygmy Hippopotamus, and Thomson's Gazelle - as well as "high-quality wallpapers" and a digital copy of Planet Zoo's soundtrack.

The Deluxe Edition also offers access to to Planet Zoo's pre-launch beta, although there's no indication of when and for how long that may occur.

Eurogamer's Emma Kent spoke to Frontier about Planet Zoo back in April, and managed to tease out a few early details of what's in store for, alongside its promise of ""the most realistic animals in any game". Hopefully we'll get some more solid information as E3 progresses.