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Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Susuyai Shrine solution

How to find and complete the Spinning Device Shrine.

The Susuyai Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom can be found in Hyrule Field. To figure out the Susuyai Shrine solution, you will need to learn how one item can have multiple uses if you change your perspective on how it can be used.

As with other Shrines in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, the Susuyai Shrine presents a couple of challenges where you'll need you use your building and problem-solving skills to overcome them. Bear in mind, this Shrine relies on you having the Ultrahand ability - if you don't have this, go get it from Ukouh Shrine first.

Once you have the Ultrahand ability, we're here to show you how to complete the Susuyai Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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Susuyai Shrine location in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Tears of the Kingdom Susuyai Shrine can be found in Hyrule Field, southwest of Lookout Landing and west of Hyrule Field Chasm. The shrine's precise coordinates are (-0785, -0433, 0018).

It's tucked in between some sparse ruins and have marked its location on the map below:

zelda totk susuyai shrine map location circled

Also, if you search around the area near this Shrine, you may just find a Korok Seed that's missing their friend.

Susuyai Shrine puzzle solution in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

When you first enter the Shrine, you'll see three platforms moving across the middle of the room and then vanishing off a ledge on either side. This will happen on a loop until you intervene.

First of all, it's time to grab the chest. The chest itself is on the platform in the middle row.

totk susuyai shrine chest location on platforms

To get to it, walk out between the first moving platforms and the starting area. As the platform starts to move past you, hit the one of the small wheels attached to it to get it to power down. Once you do this, the entire platform will stop moving.

Then, move to stand next to the route in the middle that the chest platform takes. Again, as it rolls past you, hit one of the small wheels to stop it moving. Then use Ultrahand to grab the Chest off the top and bring it down to you to open it. This chest contains five Arrows.

zelda totk susuyai shrine moving platforms chest
We did cause a bit of an accident here, but the principle is still the same. Stop the platforms moving and grab the chest.

Once you are finished with the chest, use Ultrahand to lift any of the platforms you've stopped. Then, carry the platform across the moving platform area to the opposite side (you should see a broken platform on your left on this side here).

Here, you should see that the arched floor in front of you is moving. Link cannot run across this. Instead, use Ultrahand to rotate the platform you had previously stopped and place it on the platform you are currently standing on, making sure the dragon heads are facing towards the moving floor in a straight line.

zelda totk susuyai shrine moving platform facing moving floor

When you are ready, jump onto the platform and hit one of the wheels to get it to move and ride the platform across the moving floor until it stops on the other side.

When here, you should see a mechanism on your right that Link can push to raise the gate leading into the final area. However, as soon as Link lets go of this the gate will drop again.

totk susuyai shrine gate mechanism

Use Ultrahand to pull one of the small wheels off the platform you rode over here on and attach it to one of the handles on the mechanism, making sure that bar is attached to the side of the dragon's head like the image below.

totk susuyai shrine wheel attached to gate mechanism

Then, hit the wheel to get it to move and the gate will remain open for Link to run through.

In this final area, you should see two small wheels on your left. You'll only need one of these to get across the large gap leading to the Light of Blessing (but it's always good to have a spare, just in case).

Grab one of the wheels using Ultrahand and carry it over to the platform in the middle of the room. Your goal here is to propel the platform to the other side. To do this, place the dragon wheel in between the bars that the platform is hooked onto at the top and attach it to the top of the platform itself.

totk susuyai shrine final wheel location suspended platform

Make sure the dragon head is behind the platform with its head facing into the platform, just like it's pushing it (because this is what it will do).

totk susuyai shrine link riding suspended platform

Then, when you are ready, stand on the platform below the wheel and jump and hit the wheel to start it up. Now all you have to do is ride the platform to the other side to collect your Light of Blessing.

That's it for this Shrine! But if you need more help, check-out our guides to finding the Great Fairy Fountain locations and Dragon Tears locations.