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Zelda: Breath of the Wild speedrunner feeds every pup in record time

Guardian dog.

Speedrunners sometimes like to go off the beaten track and do some wacky runs - just take the Fallout anthology sex speedrun, for instance - but something a little more wholesome has been happening in the Zelda: Breath of the Wild community, where speedrunners are attempting to feed all the game's dogs as fast as possible.

It's a fairly new speedrunning category, but the rules are simple: feed every dog in the game, and collect all 16 treasures they reveal. Other than that, all the usual speedrunning exploits you might expect are good to go (such as clipping through walls and bouncing off enemies with a shield).

A potential hazard, however, are Breath of the Wild's physics - which can slow things down by rolling apples away from the dogs. Sometimes it also takes a pupper a little while to recognise the food in front of it, a problem I have never seen a dog struggle with in real life.

The current record for "All Dog Treasures" is now held by Vivoxe, who set a time of 1:35:51 late last month (via Polygon). You can take a look at the full run below, which shows how he completed it by first grabbing the major abilities, clearing some forests to collect enough wood and apples, and eventually constructing an entire town just to feed the final doggo.

I absolutely approve of this endeavour to be the fastest dog Deliveroo driver in Hyrule: truly, it's Link's most noble quest.

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