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You can now pre-order a 1:1 NERF replica of Destiny's Gjallarhorn

They've NERFed Gjally.

NERF Gjallahorn Replica
Image credit: Bungie

Bungie has marked Bungie Day with the release of a limited edition NERF gun styled after Destiny's iconic rocket launcher, the Gjallarhorn.

At one meter/four feet long, it's a "faithful" 1:1 replication that includes an illuminated scope and comes in "premium showpiece packaging, covered with intricate details inspired from Destiny lore".

"In addition to capturing the look of this overpowering launcher, the NERF LMTD Gjallarhorn blaster includes the first-ever NERF Mega dart shells, which each hold 3 NERF Mega darts and fire 3 darts at a time," Bungie explains. "Load a shell into the breech, prime, and pull the trigger to send all 3 darts bursting from the blaster. The NERF Gjallarhorn blaster includes 3 shells and 9 darts."

Bungie Store - NERF LMTD Destiny Gjallarhorn Blaster.Watch on YouTube

In an interesting twist, though, players who have already acquired the Gjally as part of the game's 30th Anniversary Pack will get the chance to pre-order in advance of general sales, which go live after the early access window closes on 21st July 2022.

"Early access will be granted to players who acquire the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher in the Destiny 2: Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack before July 7, 2022," Bungie explains. "Pre-order available during an Early Access Window from July 7 to July 21 to players with the 30th Anniversary Content pack that have earned the Gjallarhorn in-game.

"Remaining units will be made available to everyone after the Early Access Window, subject to availability."

The store also advises that "due to the unique nature of this item", availability outside of the United States, Canada, Australia, European Union, and United Kingdom regions "may be restricted".

The NERF Gjally is expected to ship in early 2023 and will set you back £185. If you'd rather keep all your celebrations in-game, however, the Bungie Day Giving Festival is now live in Destiny 2 until 20th July.

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Other items up for grabs are a Gjally-themed community artist series collection, Numskull's Hive Worm plushie, and discounts for Destiny 2 expansion packs. All eligible purchases come with the new Heritage Eternal emblem.

ICYMI, we recently learned that Bungie's under-wraps work with Chinese publisher NetEase involves a mobile shooter set in the Destiny universe, a new report has claimed.

As Tom summarised for us at the time, the job adverts for a Destiny project were previously spotted last year and sought developers with a "willingness to travel to China" on a regular basis, and host Chinese partner teams.

NetEase invested $100m in Bungie back in 2018, though the companies have never officially confirmed what the two are working on. NetEase is highly experienced with mobile games, and most recently partnered with Blizzard to launch Diablo Immortal for PC and smartphones, though not without controversy.

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