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Yamauchi wants you to think about death

And how to come to terms with it.

Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi wishes there was a game that made people think about coming to terms with death.

Speaking at the DICE 2011 summit in Las Vegas (and reported by Gamasutra), the Polyphony Digital CEO outlined his vision for the game he wants the industry to produce.

"It would make me happy to see a game that really makes you think about how a person should live and how they should come to terms with death.

"This theme is something that's already explored in other forms of entertainment, whether it be music, movies or literature. It's really a dream that I have, but obviously someone here can make it as well."

Yamauchi's obviously seen Beetlejuice, then.

The car-loving creator also touched on his PlayStation 3 exclusive Gran Turismo 5, released last year, during his talk.

He's driven by the idea of mimesis. It's "a certain reaction when you meet something incredible, find something new, and are infected with feverish desire to do something," he explained.

"What I want to do with Gran Turismo is invoke this mimesis on the audience of players."

Yamauchi said he saw Gran Turismo as existing on the edge of the videogame and automobile industries, just as new organisms come into existence at the savannah at the edge of a desert and the rainforest.

Yep, we agree.