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Yamauchi mentions Gran Turismo 6

Kart racing was meant to be in it.

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Polyphony Digital boss Kazunori Yamauchi has said that the kart racing features unveiled for Gran Turismo 5 at gamescom were originally destined for a future instalment in the long-running series.

Kart racing aims to recreate the thrills and spills of go-kart racing, where many of the world's top drivers including McClaren Formula One hero Lewis Hamilton first learned their trade.

"This is something we were actually saving for Gran Turismo 6," Yamauchi told journalists during a behind-closed-doors showing of GT5, "but the information leaked out so we decided we would just put it in this one."

Yamauchi also unveiled the game's B-Spec mode - where players can direct a team of drivers in races rather than controlling them directly - along with a Course Maker for generating new tracks, and a 3D Photo Mode. He said B-Spec would be given equal prominence to A-Spec, the traditional racing simulator.

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