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Watch: Ian murders robot dinosaurs in 90 minutes of Horizon Zero Dawn

Coming over the horizon at 4pm.

Horizon Zero Dawn is finally out this week after months of hype and excitement. You've read the reviews, you've watched the trailers, but what does the retail code look like in action?

I'll be demoing 90 minutes worth of open world gameplay for you today and I'll be kicking off the action from about an hour into the game.

Why start an hour into the game, rather than at the beginning? Well, to be honest with you, the first chapter is an incredibly dull and prolonged tutorial section which, I've been told, is not a great representation of the game that follows.

So, join me on the video below at 4pm for what I hope will be an exciting stream full of huge robo-dinos and an awesome ginger protagonist.

Watch on YouTube

One final question before I go... Does this game make anyone else want a brand new Zoids game or is it just me?

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