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Wasteland 3's first expansion is The Battle of Steeltown

New tech.

Wasteland 3's first expansion is The Battle of Steeltown, inXile has announced.

The Battle of Steeltown DLC releases 3rd June on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, inXile said. The trailer is below:

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Here's the official blurb:

"The towering factory complex of Steeltown manufactures all the tech that keeps Colorado running and the Patriarch in power - trucks, armour, weapons, and robots. But deliveries from Steeltown have stopped cold, and all the Patriarch is getting from Abigail Markham - Steeltown's leader - are excuses.

"When he sends the Rangers to investigate, they find the place is a powder keg with the fuse already lit. The workers are striking, bandits raid with impunity, and nobody is allowed through the gates, not even on the business of the Patriarch. Without help, Steeltown could crash and burn for good, and take Markham with it - but maybe that's just what it needs.

"The Rangers will have to decide that for themselves."

inXile said the expansion includes new quests, new robotic enemies, new weapons and armour and new combat mechanics, such as "devastating" telegraphed attacks. There's also stacking status effects, elemental shields and non-lethal weapons.

There's combat and gear scaling to help new and returning players find a level-appropriate challenge, and a story and characters that adapt to the decisions you've already made.

Music supervisor Mary Ramos and composer Mark Morgan return with original scores and new post-apocalyptic inspired covers. This is very much a good thing, given the brilliance of Wasteland 3's music.

Wasteland 3 came out in August last year, and while it was rough around the edges, I loved its satire of post-apocalyptic America. Check out our Wasteland 3 review for more. Since then, inXile has improved the game significantly with updates, the most recent of which added permadeath.

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