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Vinyl soundtrack sale at ThinkGeek this week

Featuring Cuphead, Dark Souls, Undertale and more.

If you find yourself in the dead centre of the Venn diagram of vinyl record collectors and video game fanatics, you might want to check out the latest ThinkGeek sale range this week - you'll have a selection of things that may just take your interest.

From right now until Monday 16th July - which also happens to be Amazon Prime Day 2018 for the record) - you can save up to 60 per cent on a variety of vinyl soundtracks to video games and other noteworthy bits of pop culture.

Most notable among the selection are the double-vinyl Undertale soundtrack set for $20, the four-vinyl Cuphead soundtrack set for $69.99 (down from $120) and the exclusive double-LP Dark Souls soundtrack for $20, along with a handful of others.

Outside of video games, you can find the Westworld Season 1 soundtrack vinyl for $20, Spider-Man Homecoming for $10, the Stranger Things Deluxe Vinyl set for $30 and more.

If any of that has raised an eyebrow, you can head over to the main page on ThinkGeek and have a look at the entire range. As mentioned, the sale finishes up on Monday 16th July.

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