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Video: Project CARS Xbox One gameplay breaks cover, at last

Plus more from Outside Xbox.

Hi Eurogamers and welcome to your weekly round up of the video goings-on over at Outside Xbox. This week, we've been grappling with perplexing mysteries, like Sherlock Holmes if he were three people and really into videogames.

The first brain teaser this week was as follows: just what is going on with the Xbox One version of Project CARS? Until now, there had been no evidence of it whatsoever. All gameplay footage had either been from the insanely detailed PC version or from the PS4 edition. Well, we've got that one solved: it definitely exists and we've played a near-final version. Here is a bunch of our gameplay over which to coo until the newly announced mid-May launch.

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While we were in this mystery solving mood, we decided to revisit some of the most baffling puzzles from that golden age of adventure games: the 1990s. In that glorious but misguided decade, videogames didn't know any better, with their puzzles made of nonsense logic and inventory garbage. Do you remember these six?

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Of course, not everyone's as good at solving mysteries as us. Show of the Week looks at the five least effective cops in games, a ragtag collection of police officers who'd struggle to solve their way out of a paper bag, as well as getting to grips with EA's new police-'em-up Battlefield Hardline.

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For more, visit us at, or subscribe to our YouTube channel, if that's the kind of thing you are into. Thanks for watching, see you next week.

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