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Slightly Mad Studio's CEO and founder is leaving the company

Rings the changes.

Ian Bell, the founder and CEO of Slightly Mad Studios, is to leave the Project Cars developer.

Bell made the announcement via Twitter, with the news verified by our partners at GamesIndustry.biz.

His departure comes in the aftermath of EA acquiring Codemasters this year - Codemasters having themselves acquired Slightly Mad Studios in 2019.

Slightly Mad Studios was formed in 2009 with its first release being the brilliant Need for Speed: Shift, though its history predates that particular game with the company's somewhat messy roots taking in the likes of SimBin and Blimey! Games and titles such as all-time great GTR 2.

Bell was always a colourful presence at the helm of Slightly Mad Studios, teasing the existence of the ill-fated Fast & Furious project well before its official reveal as well as getting behind the preposterous if promising prospect of a Mad Box console.

"As CEO of Slightly Mad Studios, Ian was a visionary and an innovator, pioneering not only a new era in racing simulation but also reimagining how games are funded and produced," said Codemasters in its official statement. "We wish Ian the best as he moves on and thank him for his contribution to EA, Codemasters, SMS, and the wider industry."

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