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Video: Let's Play Rambo: The Video Game

"Don't push it."

Misunderstood war machine, philanthropist, pin-up - call him what you like, but he is John Rambo, a soldier. He served his country and they chewed him up and spat him out. Someone needs to tell his tale.

Someone is; Polish studio Teyon and publisher Reef Entertainment want to show you John Rambo beneath all that muscle, chin and hair. Their game, Rambo: The Video Game, has turned heads and warheads since it was announced. Now it's finally nearly here, due 21st February on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

It's a game about high scores and it doesn't take itself too seriously; one part on-rails shooting, one part quick-time events. There's co-op and there's an air of yesteryear about the whole thing. (And it's £10 cheaper than most new games.)

But is it nostalgic or naff? Who better to talk you through it than John Rambo himself - or someone who sounds just like him.

The footage is snipped by us from the first three missions of the game, covering the first Rambo film, First Blood. The second and third films are also part of the game. Skills and perks awarded for levelling are not seen here, nor are secret cinematic sequences that link each mission together - they're to remain a surprise.

Oh, and you don't have to kill the cops - you get more points for shooting their guns out of their hands. But what's an angry guy like Rambo to do when they push him to the edge?

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