Rambo: The Video Game review

Rambo: The Video Game review

A war you won't believe.

Shallow, dumb and relentlessly violent, you could make a pretty strong case for Rambo: The Video Game being a near perfect adaptation of its source material. That source material being the three Sylvester Stallone movies released between 1982 and 1988, in which sociopathic war veteran John Rambo shoots the crap out of a small Washington town, most of Vietnam and a good chunk of Afghanistan.

Things get under way with a flashback tutorial level in 'Nam before getting stuck into the events of First Blood, then Rambo, then Rambo III. The fourth film from 2008, confusingly also called Rambo, doesn't get a look in, presumably thanks to licensing issues. Glued to the paper-thin movie plots by the fact that Stallone declined to return in digital form, forcing developer Teyon to use dialogue from the films, the result makes for a bad game on pretty much any metric you care to choose, but a strangely appropriate Rambo game all the same.

There are three basic forms of gameplay on offer here. The main one is the sort of on-rails shooter that rarely gets a home release these days. Essentially a remake of Taito's Operation Wolf, it swoops you along its first-person corridors, pausing at set-piece-ready areas so you can unload hundreds of bullets into the twitching bodies of enemy soldiers who obligingly pop out from behind logs, rocks, crates and barrels.

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Misunderstood war machine, philanthropist, pin-up - call him what you like, but he is John Rambo, a soldier. He served his country and they chewed him up and spat him out. Someone needs to tell his tale.

Rambo The Video Game's new trailer looks slightly less terrible

Explosion-filled, blood-drenched and bullet-riddled, here's a roaring slice of new footage from Rambo: The Video Game.

We've been following the progress of this PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 tie-in for years - it was first announced back in August 2011 - although details have been slow to appear.

Originally promised as a "triple-A" Rambo experience, the project is being developed by little-known Polish outfit Teyon, whose biggest release to date was Heavy Fire: Afghanistan.

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Rambo: First footage unearthed

Bigger explosions! Bigger hair! Bigger shirt!

After teasing a couple of screenshots over the the last year, Reef Entertainment has finally revealed the first gameplay footage of its Rambo game.

Rambo game finally shows off Rambo

He's apparently wearing some sort of dress.

Rambo: The Video Game developer Reef Entertainment has detailed its upcoming licensed game as well as finally shown off its rendition of Rambo.

A new screenshot has been unveiled from the upcoming Rambo: The Video Game first-person shooter due for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 ostensibly sometime this year, but probably not.