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US Uncharted demo locked

No joy for PAL gamers.

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Sony has released a demo of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune for the US PlayStation 3 Store - but you might as well leave your console off, because your fake US account won't work for this one.

"As many of you in Europe and Japan may have already learned, today’s demo is currently only available on the North American PlayStation Store, and will only work on PS3 units in that territory," SCEA line producer Sam Thompson wrote on the PlayStation Blog.

"Other territories are currently putting the finishing touches on the localisation aspects of the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune demo, and will release it in their respective PlayStation Stores in due course."

So, only those of you with actual, genuine US PS3s should bother grabbing the 1.17GB demo for the moment.

Also on the US Store today is a College Hoops 2K8 demo, downloadable Guitar Hero III content (the same as the Live content from yesterday), the MotorStorm Devil's Weekend add-on and a range of videos and Call of Duty 4 wallpapers.

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